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Telehealth Therapy

Content couple browsing a tablet on the couch, evoking the support of Best Hope Therapy in nurturing relationship growth.

Does your schedule include bringing your child to daycare, working a full day, bringing your child home, feeding them then doing things around the home?

Does it just seem that time slips away so quickly?

If so and you want to speak with a Therapist about your stressors in life but can’t fit it in your schedule, telehealth therapy might an option for you. Best Hope Counseling provides that in Minnesota & Florida is here to help.

Telehealth Therapy is convenient.

No getting in the car dealing with traffic or finding a parking spot at the office. No need to leave the kids home alone. We know how precious your time is, so we offer morning, day and evening hours for telehealth therapy. Let us know you want telehealth therapy and you can sit in the comfort of your home with your computer and we can talk.


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Telehealth Therapy can also be comforting.

Some people feel intimidated going to a therapist’s office and being open, honest, and free to talk about their lives. It is essential to have a comfortable therapeutic relationship between the clients and therapist. You can be emotional, cry and sad in your own home. You won’t need to leave the Therapist’s office with puffy eyes and mascara running

Cheerful couple with a laptop enjoying a relaxed moment at home, highlighting Best Hope Therapy’s support for joyful relationships.

Telehealth Therapy helps those who would otherwise not be able to go to therapy.

Wherever you live in Minnesota or Florida, Best Hope Counseling can be right there with you on your computer screen. No need to travel to the big city or an area that you are not familiar with. With a telehealth link and your computer or phone’s camera, we are all set.

Telehealth Therapy is confidential.

Nobody will see your car at the office. Nobody will know that you are even talking with a therapist. You won’t bump into anybody walking in the door or even in the waiting area. With telehealth therapy it’s just you and me on the other end of the computer talking about how to make your life better.

Ready to start talk therapy and see real changes in your life? I welcome an opportunity to work with you! Your deserve this.

To schedule your Telehealth Therapy session in Minnesota or Florida, call us at 727-946-1346 or use the contact button below.