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Meet The Best Hope Therapy Team

Discover the dedicated professionals who make our team special. Larry Baumgartner, our founder and therapist, along with Lexi and Julie, are committed to providing personalized relationship therapy. Each team member brings unique expertise and a shared dedication to guiding clients toward more fulfilling relationships. Read their bio below their pictures to learn more about their contributions to our mission in Minnesota and Florida.

Larry, CEO and Founder, in professional attire against a beach backdrop, symbolizing the visionary leadership of Best Hope Therapy.

Larry Baumgartner, licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Florida and Minnesota, specializes in Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT). With a Master’s degree from Argosy University in Tampa, Larry helps couples and individuals restore and strengthen relationships. His approach, emphasizing past successes and strengths, aims to help clients create the life they desire. Larry offers both in-person and telehealth therapy sessions, providing hope for those struggling with relationship issues.​

Julie, smiling Executive Director and Billing Specialist, against a serene beach backdrop for Best Hope Therapy.

This woman does it all! From helping with marketing, editing copy for the website or marketing materials, ordering supplies to filing claims of Best Hope Therapy clients in Minnesota & Florida, this team would be nothing without her. Julie always has a smile on her face and is ready to pitch in and help Larry with whatever is needed. She even orders lunch! Julie is a proud Mom to 3 young adults and is originally from Florida. ​

Belgian Malinois dog named Lexi on a beach, titled Director of Pawsitivity, bringing joy to Best Hope Therapy.

This strong Belgian Malinois loves to “work”! While the rest of the team is seeing clients, billing out claims or typing on the keyboard, Lexi is relaxed, confident and guards the work being done to help The Best Hope Therapy team perform at its best. Her ears will often peak up or you might even see her tail curl up behind Larry’s chair during sessions. Since Lexi is a herder, she plays a huge role in gathering the team together for scheduled team meetings, events and get-togethers. In this picture, Lexi is on one of her many breaks from work. In her spare time, she enjoys bird watching, squirrel chasing and barking. Yep, she is a communicator. Lexi is an extremely important part of our team!.​

Best Hope Therapy provides in-person and telehealth therapy in Burnsville, Minnesota. We provide SOLUTION-FOCUSED BRIEF THERAPY for infidelity relationships, and individuals. If you are committed to change and want to create better patterns within yourself or a relationship, call us at 727-946-1346 or you use the contact button below.

Best Hope Therapy offers expert counseling and therapy services focused on healing relationships, enhancing intimacy, and supporting individuals impacted by infidelity.

Located in the heart of Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN, our services cater to individuals and couples seeking to navigate the complexities of relationships, infidelity and intimacy. We are proud to serve the vibrant communities of Savage, Prior Lake, Shakopee, Eden Prairie, Burnsville, and Chaska, MN, providing a safe and supportive environment for growth and healing.

Best Hope Therapy offers telehealth therapy in all areas of Minnesota and all areas in Florida.

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