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Intimacy Therapy

Are you in a relationship where intimacy is hardly present or not even at all?

You are not alone and there are things that could help bring it back. Let us first define what intimacy is: being close or a closeness. You can have intimate thoughts/feelings, sharing an intimate moment, an intimate conversation, and even intimate secrets. It is especially important to know that closeness in a relationship is not just sexual. You might have intimate friends or enjoy a meal in an intimate setting. Intimacy therapy is a form of talk therapy from a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist that allows couples, partners, and individuals to freely discuss and explore their feelings about their sex life.

How do you build intimacy? Through working with 1000s of couples over  nearly a decade of helping relationships, 5 words… trust, mutual respect, safety, honesty, and communication have come up most often in our therapy sessions.

Do you honestly believe that trust, mutual respect, safety, honesty and communication are strong and present in this relationship right now? If they are not and you want to improve one or all of them, let me help you and your partner (s) reconnect, rebuild, and restore your relationship. Something else to think about is that past events in the relationship can have a dramatic effect on the closeness you want and desire such as:

  • Disappointment from the beginning of the relationship
  • Infidelity or betrayal
  • Either one or more partners are feeling dissatisfied
  • There is no emotional connection
  • Communication is not where each of you want it to be
  • Either one or more partners feel neglected or unwanted
  • A feeling of sexual boredom or unhappiness
A heartfelt, close-up moment of connection between two individuals, capturing the essence of empathy and understanding promoted by Best Hope Therapy.

If any of these obstacles are in the way of intimacy, it might be time to think about past times when intimacy was more present. Even if it was just a little bit more.

  • What was happening around each of you at that time that helped intimacy be a part of your lives together?
  • Were you listening more to your partner?
  • Were you holding hands more?
  • Were you greeting each other after not seeing each other for a time?
  • Was there laughter back then?
  • How about encouragement from each other?
  • Was there affection?
  • Were you more vulnerable?
  • Were you more forgiving?

Because each relationship is different it is unknown what was happening with you and your partner(s) relationship during those better times. You want to be passionate and show your true love to your partner(s). It will be extremely important to start sharing each other’s wants, needs and desires and hopefully provide that authentically to your partner. Get your intimacy back on track! Your relationship deserves better.

To schedule your in-person or telehealth Intimacy Therapy session in Minnesota call us at 952-856-0085. If you live in Florida, you can reach us at 727-946-1346 to schedule a telehealth Intimacy Therapy session or you can simply click the contact button below.