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Intimacy Therapy

How do you build intimacy? Through working with 1000s of couples over nearly a decade of helping relationships, 5 words… trust, mutual respect, safety, honesty, and communication have come up most often in our intimacy therapy sessions.

Intimacy Therapy in Minnesota & florida

Is intimacy hardly present or not even at all?

You are not alone and there are things that could help bring it back. Let us first define what intimacy is: being close or a closeness. You can have intimate thoughts/feelings, sharing an intimate moment, an intimate conversation, and even intimate secrets. It is especially important to know that closeness in a relationship is not just sexual. You might have intimate friends or enjoy a meal in an intimate setting. Intimacy therapy is a form of talk therapy from a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist that allows couples, partners, and individuals to freely discuss and explore their feelings about their sex life.

Signs Your Relationship Lacks Intimacy

Do you honestly believe that trust, mutual respect, safety, honesty and communication are strong and present in this relationship right now? If they are not and you want to improve one or all of them, let me help you and your partner (s) reconnect, rebuild, and restore your relationship. Something else to think about is that past events in the relationship can have a dramatic effect on the closeness you want and desire such as:

Intimacy Therapy
Intimacy Therapy


We Are Here For You!

If any of these obstacles are in the way of intimacy, it might be time to think about past times when intimacy was more present. Even if it was just a little bit more.

Couples Therapy: Larry-Baumgartner, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

About Larry Baumgartner

I grew up in a small Minnesota town and like many of us from that type of area, I eventually moved to the Twin Cities. For nearly a decade I have had the best ‘job’ I could ever ask for, being a CEO/Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist at Best Hope Therapy. I LOVE what I do! It is so fulfilling to see clients reconnect, rebuild, and restore their relationships right in front of my eyes.

What Our Clients Say

What Our
Clients Say

My husband and I are very happy we found you!

Female Client

Marriage Counseling

I have not felt this way about my partner in years!

Male Client

Marriage Counseling

Thank you for all of the work you do with us!

Female Client

Couples Therapy

Hi Larry, I wanted to thank you for our last session. I think it was very helpful for me to think about my issues from a positive side. Since then I’ve seen a lot of progress. Things are definitely continuing to get better and being open and honest with myself is the best part.

Male Client

Individual Counseling

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