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Infidelity Therapy
& Affair Recovery

Has there been an affair, lacking intimacy and even communication? Your needs and desires have been forgotten for way too long. You are waiting for a touch or a sign that your partner truly cares. Through it all you still have HOPE and want to heal and save this relationship. Best Hope Therapy would love to help! For nearly 10 years, Larry has been providing pre-marital therapy, couples therapy, open, polyamorous and marriage counseling for all types of traditional and non-traditional relationships.

Infidelity Therapy

Infidelity Therapy in Minnesota & florida

Understanding Infidelity

Infidelity can happen from a number of reasons, and understanding the ‘why’ is a part of the healing and recovery process. Larry helps partners explore what was missing in the relationship that led to the affair and what needs to be better to help reconnect, rebuild and restore the type of relationship they desire moving forward.

Rebuilding Trust

Trust is the foundation of any relationship. Once trust is broken it can be challenging to rebuild, but with hard work it can be done. Our Solution-Focused Brief Therapy conversations will provide a safe place for each of you to be vulnerable. We will explore what the cheated on partner needs to see, feel or hear differently from the cheater to rebuild that trust and hopefully bring closure. Maybe it is holding hands more often, more communication throughout the day, words of affirmation or a closer greeting after time away from each other. You are the experts of your relationship and know when trust was present and better. Larry will empower and encourage change between the partners.

Enhancing Intimacy

After an affair, the intimacy once shared between partners can be significantly strained. Our Solution-Focused Brief Therapy conversations will focus on restoring emotional and physical closeness, helping relationships of all types reconnect and rediscover the affection and bond they share.

Infidelity Therapy
Infidelity Therapy

Infidelity Therapy in Minnesota and florida

We Are Here For You!

Facing infidelity is undeniably tough. It stirs a storm of emotions—shame, anger, sadness, shock. If this resonates, know that it’s a natural response to a deep betrayal. Yet, amidst this turmoil, there is a path to healing, and you don’t have to walk it alone.

For almost ten years, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist Larry Baumgartner has dedicated his practice to helping relationships navigate the complexities of infidelity. The journey is a roller coaster, with the impact resonating through every aspect of each person’s life and future. Whether the affair was emotional, physical, or both, it cuts deep, leaving scars that require time and care to heal.

In our sessions we don’t just talk about recovery; we actively engage in the healing process. Together we’ll explore the avenues of reconciliation and rediscovery tackling the pain with a solution-focused approach that’s designed to foster resilience and renewal in your relationship.

Couples Therapy: Larry-Baumgartner, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

About Larry Baumgartner

I grew up in a small Minnesota town and like many of us from that type of area, I eventually moved to the Twin Cities. For nearly a decade I have had the best ‘job’ I could ever ask for, being a CEO/Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist at Best Hope Therapy. I LOVE what I do! It is so fulfilling to see clients reconnect, rebuild, and restore their relationships right in front of my eyes.

What Our Clients Say

What Our
Clients Say

My husband and I are very happy we found you!

Female Client

Marriage Counseling

I have not felt this way about my partner in years!

Male Client

Marriage Counseling

Thank you for all of the work you do with us!

Female Client

Couples Therapy

Hi Larry, I wanted to thank you for our last session. I think it was very helpful for me to think about my issues from a positive side. Since then I’ve seen a lot of progress. Things are definitely continuing to get better and being open and honest with myself is the best part.

Male Client

Individual Counseling

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