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Couples Therapy
in Savage, Minnesota

Specializing in Infidelity, Intimacy & RelationshipS

Trying to heal from an affair? Intimacy lacking? Relationship in shambles? Wherever you live in Savage, Best Hope Therapy provides a convenient, private corner office space for us to talk about the recovery process and how you two can reconnect, rebuild, and restore this relationship. Our office is just off Egan Drive & CR 5.

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Reconnect, Restore,
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Your Relationship

Reconnect, Restore, and RebuildYour Relationship

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Solution-Focused Couples Therapy
in Savage, Minnesota

Whether you’re dating, engaged, open, poly, married, or cohabiting, Larry has the knowledge and experience to help you and your partner reconnect your traditional and non-traditional relationship, get back in touch, or find the passion you previously shared.

Re-Establishing Connections: Infidelity, Intimacy & Relationship Therapy

We understand the complexities of relationships and the challenges that can arise, such as infidelity and intimacy issues. That’s why we’re proud to provide Solution Focused Brief Therapy with our experienced therapist, Larry.

Rebuilding Trust and Strengthening Bonds

Infidelity can shake the foundation of any relationship, leaving feelings of betrayal and hurt in its wake. Larry’s Solution Focused Brief Therapy approach addresses these sensitive issues through a Healing and Recovery process, providing a safe and supportive environment for couples to navigate their emotions and work towards healing.

Focused on Solutions, Not Problems

Our couples therapy sessions are centered around building solutions and a positive future. Larry’s expertise allows for open and honest communication, empowering couples to make changes benefitting their future together. By focusing on solutions rather than dwelling on problems, we create positive action through new patterns helping individuals and couples to make meaningful progress in their relationships.

Intimate Connection and Emotional Growth

Intimacy issues can create barriers in a relationship, but with Larry’s honest and straight-to-the-point conversations, couples can explore these challenges and work towards a deeper emotional connection. Our couples therapy sessions are designed to foster understanding and empathy, helping couples to reconnect, rebuild and restore this relationship like never before.

What Our Clients Say

What Our
Clients Say

My husband and I are very happy we found you!

Female Client

Marriage Counseling

I have not felt this way about my partner in years!

Male Client

Marriage Counseling

Thank you for all of the work you do with us!

Female Client

Couples Therapy

Hi Larry, I wanted to thank you for our last session. I think it was very helpful for me to think about my issues from a positive side. Since then I’ve seen a lot of progress. Things are definitely continuing to get better and being open and honest with myself is the best part.

Male Client

Individual Counseling

Couples Therapy: Larry-Baumgartner, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

About Larry Baumgartner

I grew up in a small Minnesota town and like many of us from that type of area, I eventually moved to the Twin Cities. For nearly a decade I have had the best ‘job’ I could ever ask for, being a CEO/Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist at Best Hope Therapy. I LOVE what I do! It is so fulfilling to see clients reconnect, rebuild, and restore their relationships right in front of my eyes.

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Getting Started
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Couples Therapy in Savage, Minnesota

Location: 1500 McAndrews Rd W, Burnsville, Minnesota

Services Offered:

  • In-Person Therapy: Meet Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist Larry Baumgartner at his Burnsville, Minnesota office. Bring water if you like, sit back in the couch or chair and have a conversation about improving yourself and/or a relationship.
  • Virtual Therapy: Experience the ease and convenience of looking at your computer and having a conversation about bettering yourself and/or your relationship. From Savage and everywhere in between Ada to Zumbrota, virtual therapy can be wherever you are in Minnesota.  LEARN MORE

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