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Infidelity, Intimacy & Relationship Therapy

Reconnect. Rebuild. Restore.

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Specializing in Infidelity, Intimacy & Relationship Therapy

In times of relationship turmoil, Best Hope Therapy in Minnesota & Florida offers a sanctuary for healing. Specializing in Infidelity, Intimacy & Relationship Therapy, our services are designed to help you Reconnect, Rebuild, and Restore.

Embrace the journey to deeper partnership with our targeted Solution-Focused Talk Therapy approaches. We provide the tools to rebuild trust, enhance closeness, and foster a resilient, loving bond.

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Start Renewing Your Relationship Today.

Your path to a revitalized connection starts here. Discover how our expert therapists can support your relationship goals with our specialized therapy. Reach out with your questions and let’s begin.

Why Choose Best Hope Therapy?

Best Hope Therapy | Infidelity & Relationship Therapy MN FL: Hope & Healing at Sunset.

At Best Hope Therapy, we understand the complexities of relationships and the challenges that can arise, such as infidelity and intimacy issues. That’s why we’re proud to offer Solution Focused Brief Therapy with our experienced therapist, Larry.

Infidelity can shake the foundation of any relationship, leaving feelings of betrayal and hurt in its wake. Larry’s approach to Solution Focused Brief Therapy is tailored to address these sensitive issues, providing a safe and supportive environment for couples to navigate their emotions and work towards healing.

Our therapy sessions are centered around finding solutions and building a positive future. Larry’s expertise in Talk Therapy allows for open and honest communication, helping couples to identify their goals and develop strategies to achieve them. By focusing on solutions rather than dwelling on problems, we empower individuals and couples to make meaningful progress in their relationships.

Intimacy issues can create barriers in a relationship, but with Larry’s guidance, couples can explore these challenges and work towards a deeper emotional connection. Our therapy sessions are designed to foster understanding and empathy, helping couples to reconnect and grow together.

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About Larry Baumgartner

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

I grew up in West Central Minnesota and like many of us from a small town, I eventually moved to the Twin Cities. For nearly a decade I have had the best ‘job’ I could ever ask for, being a CEO/Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist at Best Hope Therapy. I LOVE what I do! It is so fulfilling to see clients reconnect, rebuild, and restore their relationships right in front of my eyes.

Larry Baumgartner, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist at Best Hope Therapy, MN & FL.
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